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Thank you for attending the 2024 Spring Operations Conference! 

You can find all of the presentations below:


Track A: Infrastructure Transition

  1. Cured-in-Place-Lining As a Pipeline Rehabilitation Emissions Reduction Tool -  Casey Giambrone, Progressive Pipeline Management
  2. RNG Project Deployment at Liberty Utilities - Mark Saltsman, Liberty Utilities
  3. The Effect of Electric Re-Energization on Gas System Pressures - Christopher Howard, Eversource
  4. Challenges of Meeting Peak Demand - Eric Soderman, Eversource
  5. Greening the Pipeline: Emereging Fuels & Technology at New Jersey Natural Gas - Mark Kahrer, New Jersey Natural Gas
  6. Role of Fleets in Emissions Reductions & Tracking - Scott Edgerton, New Jersey Natural Gas


Track B: Gas Operations: Innovation & Leading Practices

  1. Advanced Leak Detection - Francois Rongere, Picarro and Dan Golden, Unitil
  2. Improving Gas Operations Training through Mixed Reality Technology - Ahra Kwon, Nysearch and Troy Segale, CraneMorley
  3. Use of AI & Predictive Analytics in Gas Operations - Benjamin Alpert, GTI Energy
  4. Navigating Change: GIS and Digital Transformation at Vermont Gas Systems - James Cunningham and Robert Watt, Vermont Gas Systems
  5. Utility Take on Managing the Qualification Process - Emma Lioliou, Consolidated Edison
  6. Understanding the Leak Extent Method in Prioritizing Non-Hazardous Leak Repairs - Bob Wilson, NGA


Track C: Regulatory Environment

  1. Regional Future of Gas Proceedings - Gregg Therrien, Concentric Energy Advisors
  2. Opportunities & Challenges: Implementing Non-Pipes Alternatives - Marwa Chowdhury, Central Hudson Gas & Electric
  3. The Energy Needed to Meet the Clean Energy Evolution - Richard Levitan, Levitan & Associates
  4. LDC Perspectives on Federal Regulatory Proposals Regarding LDAR & Distribution - Panel
  5. NJ, MA & CT Regulatory Proceedings Update - Otega Ogban, Eversource & Randy Smith, New Jersey Natural Gas
  6. Operator Qualifications Update - Adam Day, Northeast Gas Association