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NYSEARCH Update: NYSEARCH Hosts Quarterly Meetings in Toronto, Canada


During the week of June 17th, NYSEARCH held its quarterly meeting with member companies to advance our R&D initiatives and developments. Throughout the week, NYSEARCH members received project updates, voted on project proposals, participated in "R&D Brainstorming" sessions, and engaged in team-building and networking exercises with the NYSEARCH staff.

As part of the quarterly meetings, NYSEARCH staff and members visited the Intero facility in Toronto, Canada. Intero has been a longstanding partner of NYSEARCH, specializing in the construction of state-of-the-art robots for internal pipeline inspections, particularly for non-piggable pipelines. These highly nimble robots can navigate turns, vertical segments, tight spots, and handle elevation changes. The NYSEARCH team had the opportunity to get a hands-on look at the technology we are developing with Intero, including prototypes for robots that can inspect plastic pipes.

The meetings offered invaluable opportunities for the NYSEARCH team to collaborate and strengthen relationships with our members. Following these productive sessions, NYSEARCH is excited for a productive quarter ahead!

Interested in learning more about NYSEARCH membership? Reach out to Mark Gunsalus at We are always happy to discuss how a partnership with us can benefit you and your operation. To stay up-to-date with NYSEARCH, follow us on LinkedIn.