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The Northeast Gas Association (NGA) is a regional trade association that focuses on education and training, technology research and development, pipeline safety, energy reliability and affordability, and environmental initiatives in the Northeast U.S.


Center of Excellence

Gas Transmission System Engineering & Operation

Transmission Pipeline System Engineering, Design & Construction (applicability of transmission rules, transmission system design education, materials of construction, pipe design, design of pipeline components, vaults, welding, purging, gas detection, emissions monitoring equipment, custody transfer stations, metering, engineering design review, excavations/backfill, ROW’s, material failure analysis, class locations, MAOP, design of automatic shutdown and remote-control valve systems (ACV & RCV), valves & valve maintenance, TIMP and regulatory support, compressor station design, uprating of transmission pipelines, O&M procedures).:
Non-Destructive Testing & Integrity Management Assessments (Smart pig design considerations for the pipeline system, design of pig launching and receiving facilities, pressure testing:
Gas Odorization (odorization practices education, system design for transmission pipelines, system operations, environmental concerns, system de-commissioning, odor fade/masking mitigation strategies, odorant chemical analysis a component of gas quality monitoring, detection threshold monitoring):
Pressure Regulation & Control (pressure regulation and control design and operation education, regulator station design, regulator control instability, overpressure protection systems, noise monitoring, control and mitigation systems, industrial measurement and pressure control, pressure & flow control systems and monitoring equipment, gas quality monitoring practices).:
Corrosion Monitoring & Control (corrosion control and monitoring education, external corrosion control programs, cathodic protection systems, interference currents/stray current, internal corrosion control, MIC, atmospheric corrosion monitoring and control, internal & external pipe coatings.:
Leak Survey, Investigation & Repair, (leak survey, investigation education, leak investigation and survey support, leak pinpointing, forensic analysis of gases, instrumentation, leak repair / mitigation support ALD support, emission surveys).:

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