Hazard Awareness and Prevention Measures

Like all forms of energy, natural gas must be handled properly. Despite an excellent safety record, a gas leak caused by damage to a pipeline may pose a hazard and has the potential to ignite.

We work diligently to ensure pipeline safety through a variety of measures including:
  • Coordination with One Call Center
  • Inspection programs
  • Design and construction practices
  • Workforce qualifications
  • Industry safety practices and government oversight
  • Pipeline markers and facility mapping
  • Public education programs
  • Pipeline Integrity Management Program

Federal regulations require pipeline operators to develop integrity management programs for gas transmission pipelines located where a leak or rupture could do the most harm, i.e., could impact high consequence areas (HCAs). Gas transmission pipeline operators are required to perform ongoing assessments of pipeline integrity, to improve data collection, integration, and analysis, to repair and remediate the pipeline as necessary, and to implement preventive and mitigative actions.

Find your local utility provider to view their programs: